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Through our expansive reach and international partners Newgate provides customers with access to global markets. Customers have round the clock market access to trading by voice, IM and or electronically.

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Managed Futures

Newgate’s strength extends to servicing Fund Manager trade flow as well as raising assets. Newgate’s market expertise, in-depth risk management expertise and ability to reach wealth management clients are core services that can be provided to CTA’s, CPO’s and Hedge Funds. Once clients have decided to invest in managed futures Newgate Global Markets LLC will … Continue reading “Managed Futures”

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OTC Trading

Commodity and financially based index OTC swaps are one of the largest growth areas of the derivatives marketplace. Newgate offers an extensive range of OTC Swap products that are tailored to our clients’ hedging needs.

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Online Trading

Central to Newgate is our dedication to supporting client online trading, straight through processing and risk management. Newgate is able to provide clients with a variety of trading platforms through our international clearing and banking partners.

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Client Solutions

Newgate Global Markets services Futures, OTC Swaps, Options, and Foreign Exchange Markets. We provide clients with a choice of full service execution, and/or electronic trading platforms, clearing, hedging expertise and a broad range of access to markets across global commodity and financial markets. Ask your licensed Newgate Global Markets contact for more information about our … Continue reading “Client Solutions”

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Newgate Global Markets

Newgate partners with and services brokers, banks, fund managers, miners, energy, agricultural and broader financial industry clients. We provide execution, market access, credit and clearing through our partner financial institutions. From the production, transport, trade, mining refining, processing and distribution of commodities, foreign exchange and OTC swaps Newgate provides hedging solutions and service that includes e-brokerage, voice and IM execution, third party clearing, financing and financial structures ranging from commodity trade, inventory finance to highly complex hedging and financing solutions. Through the value chain we seek to provide quality service and financial solutions.