Our Core Principals

What Matters most is personal integrity, relationships and trust.

Zuì zhòngyào de shì gèrén chéngxìn, guānxì hé xìnrèn.

Ce qui compte le plus, c’est l’intégrité personnelle, les relations et la confiance.

Am wichtigsten sind persönliche Integrität, Beziehungen und Vertrauen.

Ciò che conta di più è l'integrità personale, le relazioni e la fiducia.

Lo que más importa es la integridad personal, las relaciones y la confianza.

Maitars sabase adhik vyaktigat akhandata, rishte aur vishvaas hai.

Mottomo jūyōna no wa, kojin no seijitsu-sei, kankei, soshite shinraidesu.



Global Markets

Newgate provides clients with world class third party execution and clearing. Newgate delivers third party access to global futures, options, arbitrage, OTC swaps and foreign exchange markets. Newgate aspires to become your broker of choice offering sophisticated execution and financing solutions. With over 1,000 regulated derivative markets traded globally, coupled with client needs and increased unpredictability, it is important to have experienced professionals navigate your firm through the challenges of today’s marketplace.

Foreign Exchange

Newgate Global Markets partners with leading financial institutions around the world to deliver customer reach and market intelligence that is key to client success. Customers can choose to trade directly through an FX electronic proprietary or known industry platform. Foreign Exchange trading services include Spot Trades, Swap and Forwards, Options, Futures and Non-deliverable Forwards (NDF). Newgate’s Foreign Exchange reach provides customers with a wide range of global FX market access.



Futures and Options

Newgate services futures and options trading for hedgers, fund managers, arbitrage traders, banks, brokers and a number of institutional investors. From a single platform or trading desk, clients are able to access markets around the world. Foreign Exchange, Energy, Metals, Agriculture and Fixed Income customers are able to have access to traders who Newgate partners with. Newgate offers customer access to multiple regulated futures venues through specialist desks or screens provided by key global partners. Newgate Global Markets tailors investor goals with market reach.

OTC Swaps

Newgate’s leadership has been involved in commodity markets around the world. Newgate provides risk management solutions with OTC Swaps that are designed to protect client margins and reduce balance sheet volatility. OTC Swaps are an important alternative to futures and options. We leverage our industry and trading expertise to provide risk management facilities to our global customer base. Newgate aspires to become your broker of choice while offering sophisticated OTC Swap trading venues and financing solutions.

OTC Swaps
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